“A community is the mental and spiritual condition of knowing that the place is shared, and that the people who share the place define and limit the possibilities of each other’s lives. It is the knowledge that people have of each other, their concern for each other, their trust in each other, the freedom with which they come and go among themselves.”
— ― Wendell Berry

Synergy is offering CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) Shares this summer. contact us to reserve your share!

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) has become a popular way for foodies and connoisseurs to buy local, seasonal food directly from a local farmer. This purchase represents a partnership between the local farmers and our community. Supporters purchase "shares" of the bountiful harvest and we at Synergy Gardens use this investment to grow the farm and purchase the seeds, tools, and pay for the labor that makes everything work and brings our harvests into your hands.  Synergy CSA shares will be one size with enough food to serve a family of 3 or 4. If half shares are desired we encourage you to find a friend and split a whole share. Each weeks' delivery will supply the freshest harvest of things in season on the farm as well as a few surprises to round out the weeks culinary curiosities.Please call for more CSA details including pick-up times and more.

Lori: (706)273-0077

Full Season Synergy CSA Share: $625 (plus tax)


Farm orders are Custom and Seasonal, and always delicious.


Seasonal orders for chefs

We do our best to provide professional Chefs with the quality and variety we would want if we were professional chefs. Its not easy, but we take pride in providing food we look forward to eating.

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Seasonal orders for Connesuirs

If you know you would like to receive a full or partial farm share for the summer months than your in luck! Our burgeoning CSA is growing out of demand more than inclination but we feel blessed to be sharing our gift of fresh and nutritional food within our local community. 

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