Synergy Gardens was just an idea a few years ago, a dream born of many years of farming experience and a desire to grow within a progressive and supportive community. Homer Alaska beckoned us from the mountains of North Georgia and we made the leap. We found a thriving farmers market, restaurants hungry for fresh produce and a supportive local foods culture. All we needed was suitable land. So we began.....clearing, fertilizing, bedding, growing and harvesting. We built high-tunnels, stretching our short growing season, expanding our crop variety. And we found willing buyers who raved about the flavor, color and selections. 

"When you grow more than you can eat, don't build a higher fence, build a longer table." anonymous

The Synergy Philosophy:

The idea behind Synergy was to grow, learn, share and be the change we wanted to see in the world. Our dream was big, our ambitions bigger, and our appetites insatiable. Addicted to good food, natural beauty, flavor, community, and a chance to learn something new along the lines of things we already loved. We just want to grow amazing food for our amazing community. Our community is Alaska, specifically the beautiful Kenai Peninsula. We can taste the difference and we invite you to do the same.

“There has never been a better time to get into farming”

The jenkins Family


Lori  is the founder of the Alaska Garlic Project and co-owner of Synergy Gardens.  She has spent most of her career as an art teacher and non-profit executive director.  She is currently an artistic, multi-tasking farmer, contributing writer for Edible Alaska magazine, vendor at the Homer Farmers Market, grower of gourmet vegetables and edible blossoms for many local Homer restaurants.  She works to merge aesthetic beauty with practical sustenance for inspiration and health.

Wayne Bio

Wayne’s passion for growing food reaches back to age twelve when he dug up a strip of soil in his parents postage stamp front yard for tomatoes. Over the next five decades he increased his knowledge and honed his skills, before the days of “official” sustainable ag courses and degrees; farming, consulting and supporting the expansion of the “organic movement” in Georgia and the greater southeastern US. Wayne is a self-certified “soils” aficionado and compost guru believing our first challenge in producing the best food is the “husbanding” of the land. The soil remains a mysterious realm we are still learning about, but, we know enough to treat it with the respect and care it deserves for feeding ourselves, nutritionally and spiritually.  


Obadiah is Lori and Wayne's son and might be to blame for this whole "family farm in alaska" idea. After a stint in Atlanta GA studying architecture and engineering, Obadiah made some life changes and quickly found himself packing his car and heading north and west. after earning degrees in outdoor recreation and environmental science at Alaska Pacific University he decided the best way to never pay off his college loan debt was to become a builder and farmer. Not knowing much about farming however he ingeniously coerced his parents and life long farmers with sea kayaking trips and alaskan adventures until the idea of farming together became a reality. 

Lori and Wayne Jenkins, between them they have over 60 years of Organic Gardening experience.

Lori and Wayne Jenkins, between them they have over 60 years of Organic Gardening experience.