ATTRA internships-This national sustainable agricultural program offers long term internships for professional farmers. Synergy is currently looking for that kind of a farmer to help us grow to our full potential.

Work Trade- our work trade program is amazing! it says a lot about our local community and connects us with so many amazing people. heres the deal. you come, you work, you get greens! if your interested in participating in our work trade events please contact us and get signed up!

Interns- as Synergy grows it has become very apparent that we need one or two committed seasonal employees with a special love and knowledge of intensive agricultural practices. As we grow, so does our need for just a few committed souls who want to grow with us. 

*Synergy for Hire- depending on your consulting needs and our seasonal availability, we are available for farm consulting, soil building, fruit tree pruning, trouble shooting, garden design, garden landscaping and raised bed building, and high tunnel building.

WWOOF'ing - we enjoy and encourage the WWOOF community and always need more hands to help the farm along. if your interested in WWOOF'ing with us check us out on the WWOOF site!