synergy gardens

Synergy spring update;

So far the journey has been indescribable, but I'm going to try anyway. to say that it has been the greatest adventure of our lives would be an understatement. to say that it has been challenging beyond imagination would be fair. to say that it has been rewarding beyond all expectation would be a fact. As Synergy Gardens goes into its 5th growing season, we feel the grip of winter slowly relenting and are finally seeing plant life take the risk of sending out green shoots. we're prepped and ready for the year with thousands of plants getting their start inside the family home and a garlic crop that has endured the long winter and is poking up from our new garden beds. this is going to be a huge season for synergy gardens and the jenkins family as we try to reach our goals of achieving our lands full potential at being an organic market garden. we've cleared land for a sizable garden space, built 2 more high tunnels, are making plans for a new shop and product managing center as well as Obadiah's future house, and we've put in extensive irrigation ponds to secure a dependable water source. the effort it will take to achieve these goals are immense but the long alaska summer days make the work a pleasure.