The Alaska Garlic project

Growing the best Garlic we can has become our obsession, we know you will taste the difference. We were so delighted with our initial garlic
harvests we decided to go “all-in”. Our previous decades of experience with this awesome food/spice/health restorer informed our choice of varieties for our new far-north location and climate. We sell garlic as Alaska adapted seed for other growers, as decorative and edible braids
and for chefs and garlic connoisseurs who just can’t get enough of this flavorful bulb!”


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We sell many different varieties of hard, and soft neck garlic for use as Seed for fellow farmers and gardeners, in decorative braids as gifts and for seasonal decoration, and as bulbs for chefs and aficionados alike.  

Garlic Varieties

Synergies Garlic Varieties

Hardneck Varieties-(Allium sativum ssp. ophioscorodon)

Hardnecks (Allium sativum ssp. ophioscorodon) are closer to wild garlic, with complex flavors. These are the garlics that some compare to wines with subtle differences that reflect the regional soil and weather patterns. One simple benefit to the cook is the way some of their skins slip off smoothly. Hardnecks do not store as long as softnecks—cure them, eat them within 6-10 months, and get to know their distinctive flavors. 

  • ROMANIAN RED Hard neck with large Scapes Porcelain Strain
    Big cloves, nice subtle color on skins, with a piquant kick. Harvest late. Very
    good storage.
  • MUSIC Hardneck with Scapes Porcelain Strain
    Outstanding popular northern plant with very large bulbs. Starchy and sweet
    when baked. Havest late, good storage.
  • GEORGIAN FIRE Hardneck with Scapes Porcelain Strain
    The hottest garlic we sell. A good salsa and salad warmer garlic. Harvest late,
    long storage.
  • XIAN Hardneck with Scapes Turban Strain
    Attractive purple bluish bulbs that may be braidable in Northern climates.
    Delicate flavor, small plant, nice size bulbs. Harvest early, short storage.
  • Chesnok Red Hardneck with Scapes Standard Purple Stripe Strain
    Great large cooking garlic with bright purple streaks and easy to peel.
    Middle harvest season and medium storage.
  • Purple Glazer Hardneck with Scapes Glazed Purple Stripe
    Fat delicious bulbs with satiny clove wrappers. Middle harvest season and
    medium storage.
  • Russian Red Hardneck with Scapes Marbled Purple Stripe NEW 2018
    Complex full bodied flavor. Middle harvest season and medium storage.
  • Killarney Red Hardneck with Scapes Racambole Strain
    Deep sweet garlic flavor, and bulb color ranges from tan to brown. Widely
    adapted to wet conditions. Middle harvest season and medium storage.


Softneck Varieties- (Allium sativum ssp. sativum)

This is the garlic you’ll find in most grocery stores. The bulb has a mild flavor. A great virtue of the softneck garlic (Allium sativum ssp. sativum) is that it stores very well. Since the necks are (literally) soft, you can cut them nice and long for braiding. A braid of garlic makes a winning kitchen gift for friends and family!

  • SILVERWHITE Softneck Braidable Silverskin Strain
    Large gorgeous bulbs with classic garlic flavor. Reliable vigorous variety for Very
    high yields. Harvest late, long storage.
  • NOOTKA ROSE Softneck Braidable Silverskin Strain
    Bulbs are streaked purple on mahogany background and are large with long
    lasting garlic flavor.
    Harvest late, long storage.
  • RED TOCH Softneck Braidable Artichoke Strain
    Very popular flavorful, beautiful red and purple large bulbs that braid well.
    Harvest early, Great long storage.
  • LORZ ITALIAN Softneck Braidable Artichoke Strain
    Outstanding flatish round colorful bulbs with long lasting authentic flavor.
    Harvest early, Great storage.
  • INCHELIUM RED Softneck Braidable Artichoke Strain
    Vigorious large top rated artichoke strain. Flavorful and mild sweet garlic taste.
    Harvest early, long storage.